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We understand that the thought of a root canal procedure may be intimidating. However, our experienced team is here to reassure you. Root canal therapy is highly effective and essential if you wish to save a natural tooth/teeth in which the nerve is no longer alive and healthy. The treatment relieves pain and fights infection using specialist equipment and materials. The root is then filled and the tooth can be restored to its former glory as a fully functional tooth. If infections are left untreated serious infections can result so we recommend seeking treatment as soon as possible if you are aware of a problem. As always we are dedicated to making your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible while restoring your oral health.

Preserving your natural smile

Root canal therapy allows us to save your natural teeth, maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of your smile. Instead of opting for extractions, our skilled team focuses on preserving your existing teeth whenever possible.

Pain relief

Root canal treatment is often sought to alleviate severe toothache and discomfort caused by an irreversibly affected or infected pulp. Our compassionate approach ensures you will feel minimal discomfort throughout the procedure and will be able to save your natural tooth.

Long lasting results

When performed by experienced dentists, root canal therapy offers a long lasting solution to dental infections and preservation of natural teeth. We use advanced techniques and materials to seal and protect your tooth, preventing further damage and the need for extraction.

Patient-centred care

At Shrubbery Dental, your comfort and well-being are our top priorities. We take the time to address your concerns, explain the procedure in detail, and offer referral for sedation options if required. All this is to ensure your root canal experience is as pleasant as possible.


"My first time at the practice today and really happy with the experience from start to finish. All the staff were really friendly and helpful and made you feel welcome.

I Usually suffer with nerves and anxiety about the dentist but after visiting the practice today I can safely say my fear is a thing of the past. Anyone looking for an excellent practice that may be a nervous patient look no further! Looking forward to my next appointment."

Darren Mason

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