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Are you looking for a Worcester dentist team who is genuinely caring, compassionate, and will help you achieve a happy, healthy smile for many years to come?

We are a third generation, family-run dental practice in the heart of Worcester. Our mission is to provide exemplary dental care in a friendly and caring setting.

Worcester Dentist | Shrubbery Dental Practice

Dentistry is part of our family. We are now a third generation team that was founded in the early 1950’s.

We have a great passion for providing care for our patients as if they were a member of our family, offering multiple treatments, offering choices and making decisions together to help you achieve happy, healthy smiles.

The Shrubbery Dental Practice is run in Worcester by Sally-Anne Clarke and Jessica Crawford-Clarke a Mother and Daughter partnership who are dedicated to providing exemplary care within the family ethos.They have both been working in the private sector for a number of years and are committed to following the latest developments in dentistry.

They regularly attend courses together to bring back ideas and concepts so that the shrubbery dental team can provide the best treatments available.


Shrubbery Dental Practice are pleased to announce that we now offer the Orthodontic treatment- Invisalign.

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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

Aimed to keep your teeth healthy whilst reducing the need for invasive dental treatments

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Dental Treatments

General Treatments

Different treatments to help you maintain healthy gums and outstanding oral health.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Treatments

Aimed to improve the appearance of your teeth, gums and/or bite.

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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth?

A variety of options to restore your smile and avoid tooth decay and/or bone loss.

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Hygiene Therapy

Hygiene Therapy

You can have beautiful teeth, but unless you look after your gums, they’re at risk of being lost early.

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We now offer the fantastic Orthodontic treatment ‘Invisalign’

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Patient Testimonials

Going to the dentist back in the 70’s used to be something to dread, but since seeing David Howcroft and now Jess at Shrubbery Dental Practice, it has become something I actually look forward to. Their professional manner, courtesy and care are second to none. All the staff are very friendly and always willing to offer advice. I cannot recommend them enough.

Gary Warmington

Our family have been patients of the Shrubbery Dental Practice for nearly 40 years and we have no intention of going anywhere else. Without exception, the staff are professional and friendly; when we have needed emergency treatment, the service has always been there.

I was very happy with the advice and referral re my dental implant a couple of years ago. I am pleased that we still have the hat stand in place in the waiting room!

Sue Rawles

New Dentist at Shrubbery Dental Practice

We are very excited to announce that a new dentist, Tom Crawford-Clarke, will be joining the Shrubbery team to see patients on a regular basis. He is the son of Sally Anne and brother of Jessica the partners of Shrubbery Dental Practice and is the grandson of the founder Geoffrey Clarke. ‘It is such an exciting… Read more

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