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  • General Dentistry & Whitening
    New Patient Dental Health Assessment £89.00 New Patient Hygiene Assessment and Treatment £120.00 Treatment Consultation for Invisalign, Implants, Whitening, Composite Bonding, Facial Aesthetics & Smile Makeovers £30.00 *this is not a full dental health assessment and additional appointments for treatment planning purposes may be required. Emergency Appointment for Non-registered Patients £150.00 Clinical exam & report £73.60 (inclusive for plan patients) X-ray (each) £10.50 (inclusive for plan patients) Hygiene Treatment with EMS from £92.40 (inclusive for plan patients) Boutique Tooth Whitening £420.00 Plan patients: 336.00 Extractions £194.40 | Members: £155.50 Surgical Extractions £370 | Members: £296
  • Fillings & Root Canal
    Composite (tooth coloured) From £172.80 Plan patient: From £138 Root Filling Incisor/Canine £495.00 Plan patient: £396.48 Premolar £548.40 Plan patient: £438.72 Molar £704.40 Plan patient: £563.52 Estimated costs associated with root canal treatment Upper & Lower incisors and lateral incisors £665 Upper & Lower premolars £725 Upper & Lower Molar teeth £799 Upper and lower Re-treatment of incisors £820 Upper and lower Re-treatment of molar teeth £999
  • Complex Restorative Treatment
    Record collection, including bespoke treatment planning from £250
  • Crowns, Onlays & Veneers
    Crowns All porcelain crown (tooth coloured) From £840.00 Plan patients: £672.00 Bonded Crowns (with precious metal) £840.00 Plan patients: £672.00 Onlays Emax Onlays £840.00 Plan patients: £560.00 Veneers Veneer (Per tooth) from £936.00 Plan patients: from £748.00
  • Dental Implants & Dentures
    Dental Implants From £3500 per tooth A consultation is required to ensure that you are suitable for this treatment. Full Upper Acrylic Denture £1,450 | Members: £1,100 Full Lower Acrylic Denture £1,450 | Members: £1,100 Partial Chrome Denture (1-6 teeth) £1,380 | Members: £1,080 Partial Chrome Denture (7-13 teeth) £1,540 | Members: £1,280 Tooth Addition to a Acrylic Denture £172.80 | Members: £139 Tooth Addition to a Chrome Denture £172.80 | Members: £139 Adjust Denture Complimentary Denture Repair £172.80 | Members: £1388 Denture Reline £199 | Members: £160 Placement Of Implant £1,450
  • Invisalign
    From £3499.00 A consultation is required to ensure that you are suitable for this treatment.
  • Nightguards and Retainers
    Soft Night Guard £180.00 | Members: £144.00 Vivera Retainers Single arch: £312.00 Dual Arch: £390.00 Fixed Retainers £196.00 | Members: From £156.00 Sports Mouthguard £155.00 | Members: From £124.00 Bleaching trays (per arch) £150.00 | Members: From £120.00
  • Why should I have whitening treatment with a dentist?
    Dental professionals prescribe the safest and most effective whitening agents that can be used on teeth. Not everybody is suited to teeth whitening which is why it is important to undergo an initial consultation with a dentist first.We possess a suitable licence to use materials that are safe for teeth which other cosmetic licences cannot purchase. Since there are various potential complications that may occur during the whitening procedure in addition to the risks of cross-infection, our dentists & hygienists are all fully equipped and skilled to provide this treatment safely and effectively in a safe environment within a dental practice setting.
  • Are my personal details kept safe?
    We need to keep comprehensive and accurate personal data about our patients in order to provide them with safe and appropriate dental care. Personal data about you is held in the practice’s computer system. The information is not accessible to the public and only authorised members of staff have access to it. For further information please see our Data Protection Policy which can be found at the bottom of our home page on our website
  • Reason for regular attendance
    NICE ( national institute care excellence) guidelines recommend that all patients should be regularly recalled to attend their dental health checks to maintain a good standard of oral health. The main reason for this is that tooth decay and mouth cancer are not easily detectable; visiting your dentist when you are in pain is more likely to result in complex treatments, and ultimately considerably higher costs. Therefore regular dental health checks are vital in order to prevent or offset early interventions and thereby reduce long-term treatment costs.
  • Parking
    There is free parking available to the front of the practice on the main road, please be aware of any parking restriction notices before parking as some areas have time limits. Please note there is additional parking to the back of our practice as well as disabled parking, however this is very limited.
  • Emergency after hours care
    We provide an out of hours emergency service for all our members if they are experiencing dental health care problems like bleeding or swelling. One of our clinicians from the practice offers the service between 9am and 10pm weekends and 5.30pm-10pm weekdays, please call 01905 20136
  • Deposits
    A 10% deposit will be requested when booking any chargeable appointments to reserve your time with the clinical team. If you are unable to attend please give us at least 48 hours notice to avoid loosing your deposit.
  • Failed to Attend Policy
    If you are unable to attend please give us at least 48 hours notice to avoid loosing your deposit. When an appointment is missed due to unforeseen circumstances any appeals will be directed to our business manager Katie Griffiths. Please ensure we have your correct contact details. If you would prefer a different reminder service please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 01905 20136 to arrange.
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