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We encourage you to visit our specialist hygienist team routinely to ensure you are at peak dental health.


Our Hygiene therapists are focused on oral hygiene instruction and coaching you to ensure your daily habits are at the optimum level. Everyone's mouth is different and the highly trained team can help with solutions for cleaning around all of your teeth, gums, restorations and appliances. It is likely, even if you are trying your utmost, there are residual areas that need a little assistance. Our clinicians will reach these areas and clear the places you simply cannot reach at home. We use specialist tools and to dislodge plaque and tartar from the places you can’t reach above and below the gum line. This deep clean will significantly reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay, as well as remove unsightly surface stains from your teeth.

The team will recommend products for you to continue using at home between visits to ensure you are at peak dental health.

If any areas of concern are identified the team will make you aware and further care will be recommended to slow progression of disease and provide solutions to bring you back to having a happy, healthy smile. 

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Airflow teeth polishing

We are proud to offer one of the latest teeth cleaning innovations: Airflow Tooth Polishing. Unlike a regular scale and polish, Airflow works by disclosing any plaque and tartar on your teeth with a blue solution before removing them with a gentle jet of water, air and powder particles.

It is an effective way to combat stains caused by coffee, red wine and tobacco - leaving your teeth whiter and brighter. We choose Airflow cleaning because it is quicker and more gentle than other methods, making for a more comfortable experience in the chair – especially for those with sensitive teeth and gums. 

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