I first visited the practice in April 2018 when I met with Dr. Tom Crawford-Clark. We discussed a treatment plan and what I wanted to gain from the treatment.

From a young age I’d had overlapping front teeth which always bothered me. I wanted straight teeth and it was important to me to have a natural looking smile and so I decided, with Tom’s advice, that Invisalign was the way to go.

Before the I could start the treatment I needed two attachments fitted to my teeth to hold the aligner in place, which didn’t hurt one bit. I started the treatment at the end of April. I had 14 aligners. The first few aligners I changed every 2 weeks and after my next check up, they were changed every 10 days. By aligner 7 I could really see the difference. As my teeth were responding well to the Invisalign treatment i soon went on to weekly changes. By the end of September my treatment was pretty much finished. Once the attachments were removed from my teeth I decided to have some whitening treatment. I also had a wire fitted to the back of my teeth to prevent movement and I also use a retainer which I wear when I sleep (however, I don’t actually need the retainer but I  am so used to it now it feels strange without it). I would recommend a visit to the practice. The service is first class. The team make you feel welcome and Tom and his assistant always put me at ease whenever I have any treatment.