Having been called ‘bugs-bunny’ for most of my childhood, I got braces very early, including a head brace! And more retainers than I could count on both hands. So when my braces came off at 12 it was a huge relief and I was finally happy with my smile. From 12 – 28 a lot can change! And gradually my teeth worsened, other people might not have noticed, but I hated it. After years of pain and patience, I was so upset that I had started hiding from photos and if I was in a photo it had to be on one side and particular angle… which never happened. So despite other people not thinking I needed it, I chose to have Invisalign, and I’m SO glad I did. I shopped around for deals and had various consultations, but Shurbbery were by far the most competitive in their pricing AND go above and beyond to make sure you get EXACTLY what you want. Tom was absolutely amazing, when the course was up after 17 weeks we ordered more trays, twice, so I think it took me around 30 weeks in the end

At 17 they would have looked great but at 30 I was over the moon! Thank you Tom for all your extra hours and for understanding how important it was to me. I’m so grateful and would recommend all the team at Shrubbery and their amazing Invisalign service everyday.