How We are Combating COVID-19

Our Patient journey (Updated 2nd of November2020) WE ARE OPEN!!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to thoroughly research all the new procedures and protocols and digest the new and changing information. This is to ensure we continue to protect all of our patients and team from any risk to health.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for being so patient and rest assured we are doing our utmost to provide the best care possible when we return.

We will look a little different to what you have been used to. Where possible remote consultations have been advised to limit numbers of people in close proximity. You will still be able to see our faces but it may be over a video call for now. This will enable us to give priority to those who are in greatest need. Please bear with us whilst we transition back to the new way of working due to the life changing impact of COVID-19.

Please don’t be alarmed or anxious when you do attend for treatment if we look a little funny it is still us, albeit a bit warm, underneath all the personal protective equipment (PPE)

UPDATES: Thursday the 22nd of October
We are working our way through those patients that we had to postpone due to Covid19, if you haven’t heard from us and you were booked in please feel free to ring the surgery to book in.
We are still operating a closed door policy, so we kindly ask you don’t visit the practice without an appointment.

UPDATES: Monday the 2nd of November. WE ARE OPEN
Its safe and essential to attend the dentist!
We can and will remain open through this 2nd lockdown as we have been working hard behind the scenes to thoroughly research all the new procedures and protocols and digest the new and changing information. This is to ensure we continue to protect all of our patients and team. We remain open to all for both routine and emergency treatments.

PATIENTS WITH PLANNED TREATMENT: Patients with planned, outstanding treatment we kindly ask if you could wait for us to contact you to arrange a suitable appointments. We are only able to offer a small number of treatment appointments each day. Aerosol generating procedures (for example with the dental drill or scaler used with water) require a wait of 30 minutes before the next patient is allowed. These appointments are therefore very precious and we will need to plan these very carefully so we ask if you could be patient with us.

We will catch up on your missed or delayed appointments and make sure you are back on track with your dental health as swiftly as we are able

If at any point you experience pain or problems we, as always, are just a phone call away and will endeavor to help you as swiftly as we are able.

Can we kindly ask that you wear a mask when you visit us at the practice. Although the waiting room is socially distanced a mask is required on entry. We are asking patients to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes for their appointments as you will be asked to wait in your cars or on foot, weather permitting. The waiting room is available but with limited numbers due to social distancing. Once you have arrived please could you call the surgery telephone number 01905 20136. Please could you bring in as little as possible into the surgery, ONLY necessities will be allowed. The reception team will ask a selection of Covid19 questions and let you know when all is ok to come to the front door for temperature testing and hand gel. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Although returning to dentistry is daunting for patients and team alike, it is also an exciting time for the Shrubbery family. We have 2 lovely dentists joining the team (you may have already seen on our social media or website) Mehul and Rupert alongside Sally-Anne, Jessica and the entire Shrubbery Dental Team, will endeavor to continue the family dentistry we are proud to provide.

Have no fear we will all help to return your happy, healthy smiles as quickly as possible.

If you have any non urgent questions please contact us via our email:

If you would like to speak to a member of the clinical team please email:

If you have an emergency or are in pain as always please call the team on 01905 20136 7 days a week

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